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Fitness & Wellness solutions for
everyone - everywhere

Bring all of the excitement and support of a Corporate Fitness Centre to you and your team - wherever you are and whenever you want!

Why choose LIV North Virtual Services?

Regardless of where your workforce is located, LIV North can provide anyone with access to high quality, cutting edge fitness and wellness programming available 24/7.

Fit Couple

Wide Range of Live & On Demand Classes 

Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Professional Staff

Website & Mobile App Available

Discover Our Online Sessions

LIV North Virtual Services is more than just an online fitness service.  We offer our members access to mindfulness sessions, no sweat stretch breaks, educational workshops and more!  Take a sneak peak at a few of our sessions below.

Click below to learn how different sectors are using LIV North Virtual Services

Property Managers

Adding a virtual wellness offerings to tenants of a building is a great compliment to onsite amenities and can help attract and retain clients.

National Corporations

Regardless of your sector, adding a virtual wellness program to your employee benefits package boosts productivity and retention.

Telecom Companies

With remote agents spread to all areas of the country, our telecom clients benefit from increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Post Secondary Institutions

Both the faculty and student populations at post secondary institutions can benefit from virutal services regardless of the campus they attend.

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